Francheska – For Puppy, Baby Powder 250ml Shampoo


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Our ‘For Puppy’ Scent is based on the ever so popular Baby Powder scent which is perfect for baby puppies or those oldies who are still young at heart. 


Smell, consistency & colour will change batch to batch. We only use natural, raw, fresh ingredients so they change smell and colour season to season.


Getting great results is very easy with our natural pet products, simply pour a blob of shampoo onto a bath scrunchie and lather it into you pets coat, avoiding eyes and inner ears.


Rinse well and repeat if required for really mucky pups.


Can be used on all dogs over 8 weeks of age.


Please help the environment & recycle this bottle.




Aqua, extracts of Chamomile, Wild Sage, SLS & Paraben Free Coconut Based Surfactant, Sea Salt, Aqueous Herbal Tincture, with a splash of natural Plant-based Fragrance Oil.


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