Cat Grooming

Cat Grooming

A clean cat is a happy cat, and we're here to help! From nail trims to bathing, a little maintenance goes a long way. See our products below suitable for keeping your kitty’s eyes, ears, teeth, skin and fur healthy and clean.

Most cats stay relatively clean and rarely need a bath, but you should brush or comb your cat regularly. Frequent brushing helps keep your cat's coat clean, reduces the amount of shedding and cuts down on the incidence of hairballs.

Please note: There are some cats who do not tolerate being groomed. If your cat fights the grooming process, and there is some potential that injury could occur to your cat or yourself, please make an appointment with a professional groomer or a veterinarian to have your cat groomed.


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Anicura Cat Shampoo - For Petz NI
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Cat ZoomGroom Express Shipping - For Petz NI
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