Jumpers & Fleeces

Jumpers & Fleeces

Dog clothes—while absolutely adorable—are not just for fashion-forward pups. Dressing your dog in a cozy sweater or dog hoodie is a great way to help them stay warm.

When the temperature drops, some dogs may benefit from dog sweaters or dog jackets to keep warm, if you notice your pup shivering when you head out for your daily walks, then yes, your dog will benefit from a coat or sweater. 

Dog clothes in wintertime are recommended for small toy breed dogs or dogs with short hair coats (either naturally or due to grooming). Smaller dogs typically have less body fat and are closer to the cold ground, often necessitating a jacket for warmth.  Similarly, even larger dogs with thin body types, like Greyhounds, may require clothing during cold weather.

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Ancol Cable Knit Jumper - For Petz NI
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Christmas Wonderland Jumper - For Petz NI
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