Dog Teeth Care

Periodontitis bacteria can infect your dog’s oral cavity. Usually, this disease silently invades the mouth and you won’t see any pervasive signs or symptoms until it advances. However, gum disease may cause chronic pain, gum erosion and loss of bone and teeth. The structures supporting the teeth can also be weakened or lost.

Prevent issues from developing into unmanageable situations by doing a daily brushing of your dog’s teeth to prevent bacteria and plaque from getting a foothold.

There are also dental chews, dog food and chew toys designed to address dental disease and reduce tartar development. But fair warning: don’t try to replace brushing with these (think of them as an add-on to regular oral care). If you notice inflamed or swollen gums, missing teeth or even appetite changes, book an appointment with your Vet immediately.

See our blog on improving your pets oral health for tips on how to get your pet used to their daily brushing routine.

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