Rabbit Food

As well as hay, grass and fresh food, you should give each of your rabbits some nuggets once a day every day (or twice a day if they’re over 3.5kg). Although this seems like a small amount, dried rabbit nuggets are very concentrated, which is why your bunnies don’t need a lot. If your rabbits are fed too many pellets, they will eat less hay, which can lead to health problems such as overgrown teeth and gut stasis. Even nuggets containing long fibre or high levels of fibre should be fed in small quantities. It’s a good idea to scatter the pellets around your rabbits’ home to encourage them to forage.

What about 'muesli-style' mixes?

Our vets don't recommend muesli-style mixes for your rabbits. They might look more ‘fun’ because they’re brightly coloured and contain a mixture of shapes, but rabbits tend to pick out the less healthy, sugary bits, which often leads to health problems such as obesity, overgrown teeth and gut problems.

If you are currently feeding your rabbits a muesli-style food, we recommend slowly switching them to nuggets. You can still vary your rabbits’ diet by giving them a few different types of feeding hay and a number of different fresh foods each day. See our blog on fresh foods safe to feed your rabbit.

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