Puppy Pads & Training

Puppy Pads & Training

A puppy is constantly learning, every mistake it makes and every correction is absorbed by your puppy which is why its important to get off to the right start with the ins and outs of training your puppy with the correct techniques and potential training aids.

We stock a range of Puppy Pads and accessories to help with house training, please see our blog on a quick guide to house training your puppy if you are unsure about using puppy pads for the first time.

We also stock a range of training aids, such as long lines and whistles to teach recall and clickers for help with those more close contact training and tricks. 

One of the most important things to teach your puppy is socialization and how to interact with other dogs animals and of course people, by introducing your puppy to others at a young age and safely you will be setting your puppy up for a confident and stable future.

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Beaphar Training Pads For Puppies - 7 Pads - How To House Train a Puppy
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Clicker Training - Clix Whizzclick Clicker Training Aid - For Petz NI
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