Akela Game Chunks Soft Treats


Akela Game Chunks Soft Treats 100g

Made with 60-80% fresh British meat/fish these tasty bite-sized Akela treats are suitable for all breeds of cat and dog. Suitable for puppies if given sparingly. These treats are oily, soft and succulent - pets go crazy for them! 

  • Game Slices: 60% Game (duck & venison), vegetable glycerol, sweet potato, potato, minerals

Allow Dogs 8 - 20 daily as part of a balanced diet. Fine for puppies but please give sparingly. Cats & Ferrets - use as an occasional treat

These treats are made with fresh British meat/fish. No meal is used - all suppliers are red tractor accredited. Human-grade meat (until purchased – as after this that terminology is not technically allowed). The meat is then handled in a human-grade, DEFRA approved factory in the UK. The meat is mixed with the other ingredients and minced to form a sausage which is then air-dried. This slow process is very gentle and allows the nutrients and flavour to remain in the treat. Once dried, the sausages are chopped, hand-packed and labelled. They are also run through a metal detector machine for quality control.