Ancol Rechargeable Safety Halo for Dogs

by Ancol
Color - Yellow

Ancol Rechargeable Safety Halo for Dogs

The USB rechargeable flashing band is great for those dark morning or dark evening walks. The 70cm band can be cut to fit, it is water resistant and has three light settings. Perfect safety product which can be seen up to 500 metres away.

Rechargeable Flashing Band

This band simply clips around your dog's neck for instant illumination for 500 metres, making your dog unmissable.

The band is a generous 70cm long, but the soft plastic outer and circuit can be cut to ensure a better fit.

The band has 3 light settings, flashing, speedy flash and constant light to immediately alert drivers and other pedestrians of your dog's whereabouts or to help you keep track of your dog when they are in open spaces at night.

This band is water resistant so safe in light rain.