Aniforte Bovine Blood Powder

  • Helps to prevent nutritional deficiencies
  • Supports blood formation, metabolic processes
  • Helps with muscle building
  • For energy production
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Aniforte Bovine Blood Powder

Bovine Hemoglobin - Ideal BARF Supplement

AniForte® Bovine Blood Powder for dogs and cats of all ages is a valuable feed supplement to support species-appropriate (raw) feeding. The bovine blood powder consists of pure whole beef blood and is an important source of hemoglobin. In order to obtain a high amount of hemoglobin in the blood, it is spray-dried in a gentle process. Blood naturally contains many minerals such as potassium, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium and is rich in important trace elements (iron, zinc, copper and manganese).

The bovine blood contains a large amount of essential amino acids, these are protein building blocks and are important for the smooth functioning of the organism. The body cannot produce these amino acids itself, so they must be obtained from food.

  • Helps to prevent nutritional deficiencies
  • Supports blood formation, metabolic processes and muscle building
  • For energy production
  • 100% natural nutrient supply with a wealth of positive properties
  • AniForte® Bovine Blood Powder is recommended for the daily diet of dogs and cats with fresh meat (BARF), canned meat or cooked food to enhances any meal.

The high-quality nutrients can serve as an important supplier of energy and as an essential building block in the development and maintenance of tissue, muscles and metabolic processes.

The bovine blood powder is also particularly suitable for dogs and cats in a regeneration phase or under particular stress, such as breeding dogs, hunting dogs, sporting dogs or service dogs. Here, the bovine blood meal can make a valuable contribution and have a positive effect on the regeneration, performance and well-being of our pets.


100% Blood Product (Dried Whole Blood from Cattle)


Crude protein 92%, Crude fat 0.4%, Crude ash 4%, Crude fiber 0.5%, Residual moisture 6%, Calcium 0.02%, Phosphorus 0.3%, Sodium 0.7%, Potassium 1.0%, Iron 0.28%, Zinc 0.25%, Copper 0.08%, Magnesium 0.03%

Gross Energy (GE) 22.1 kJ/g

Metabolizable Energy (ME) 13.2 MJ/kg



Dogs & Cats per 5 kg: 1.5 grams daily

(1 measuring spoon equates to approximately 1.5 grams)

We recommend not exceeding the maximum amount of 12 grams per day.

Simply mix the beef blood powder into the meal. For dry food, blend the powder with some warm water.

Notice: Store in a cool, dry, and light-protected place.

Switching to Aniforte
Gradually introduce over a period of 7 days. Starting with 25% Aniforte on day 1, working up to 100% on day 7.

Fresh drinking water should be provided at all times. Store in a cool dry place.