Aniforte Joint Perfect Devils Claw Root Supplement


Aniforte Joint Perfect Devils Claw Root Supplement

AniForte® Joint Perfect contains ground devil's claw root and can help to support the entire musculoskeletal system as well as the normal joint function of your pet in a natural way.

Benefits, Compsoition & Feeding Recommendation

Benefits of Joint Perfect Devil's Claw:

✔ Can maintain natural joint function and mobility

✔ Can support the metabolism in joints, tendons, and ligaments

✔ Suitable for adult and senior dogs and cats

✔ MADE IN GERMANY: Developed by our veterinarians, veterinary practitioners and biologists

How does Joint Perfect Devil's Claw work?

The devil's claw belongs to the sesame family and comes from southern Africa. It contains the glycosides harpagoside and harpagide - a combination of the two glycosides is said to keep normal joints healthy. The powder contained in AniForte® Joint Perfect Devil's Claw contains a harpagoside content of 1.3%. Devil's Claw can preserve the natural joint function and agility of your animal. A study has shown that the administration of Devil's Claw can provide support for muscle stiffness and helps to maintain healthy joints in animals in a natural way.

Our Devil's Claw originates from Namibia and is appreciated by the local population there due to its diverse characteristics.

The African Devil's Claw is traditionally said to be able to maintain the metabolism in ligaments, tendons, and joints and thus support the normal function of the entire musculoskeletal system.

For years, many happy customers have trusted AniForte® Joint Perfect Devil's Claw. Many of our customers report positive supporting effects with regard to the mobility of joints and muscles, wear-related diseases or inflammations.


Devil's claw root ground (1.3% Harpagoside)

Feeding Recommendation:

The powder can easily be mixed into the daily feed. We recommend to not feed Devil's Claw to puppies/kittens or pregnant dogs/cats.

Dogs per 10kg: 1g daily

Cats: 0.5g daily

(1 measuring spoon = 2g)

Note: Clumping is a sign of pureness on natural products. Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.