Aniforte Flea-EX Powder - Natural Flea Treatment for Dogs & Cats


Aniforte Flea-EX Powder - Natural Flea Treatment for Dogs & Cats

Aniforte Flea-EX Powder is a flea repellent intended for external use on pets. It also repels other ectoparasites such as ticks and mites. The fine powder is highly effective when applied completely dry. 

Benefits, Composition & Feeding Recommendation

Benefits of Flea-EX Powder:

✔ 100% natural with no chemical additives

✔ Effectively repels fleas and other ectoparasites

How does Aniforte Flea-Ex Powder work?

Flea-EX Powder contains diatomaceous earth, the best natural remedy to fight any organism with an exoskeleton, while remaining entirely safe for your pets. Diatomaceous earth is composed of the remains of tiny fossilized organisms whose edges are extremely sharp and will lacerate the exoskeleton of any crawling insect that comes in contact with them.

Active ingredient:

1000g / kg Silicium dioxide/Kieselguhr (CAS 61790-53-2)

baua N-60290


DP (dust)


AniForte® Flea-EX Powder consists of 100% diatomaceous earth, a natural amorphous diatomaceous earth from fossil deposits of diatoms. If the instructions for use are followed, no negative effects are known.


This product is used for the environmental treatment of pets without treating the animals themselves. The pests are dusted on the way to and from the host animal.

Against the cat flea: cat fleas develop in the vicinity of the preferred sleeping places of cats and dogs. Dust hiding places and breeding grounds of the vermin or lay dust barriers. The dust coating must be spread over a large area and be clearly visible. A direct treatment of the sleeping place is possible.

Application rate: 30 - 50 g per square metre - dust the hiding places and breeding places of the pest or put approx. 5 - 10 g/meter of dust barrier around your pet's sleeping places.

Use by non-professional users, use in the household. Insecticide to control ectoparasites such as the cat flea.

Application techniques:

Dust barriers: hand dust bottle; cut open the tip of the metering opening. With the opening facing downwards, press lightly on the bottle and spread on the walking paths of the insects, in cracks and hiding places, or place a dust barrier.

Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.