AniForte Mite-STOP Powder for Chickens

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AniForte Mite-STOP Powder for Chickens


Mite-STOP Powder for chickens, an effective remedy against chicken mites

AniForte® Mite-STOP Powder is an insecticide suitable for biocidal application around poultry. It works against ectoparasites, such as the red mite and other pests, including fleas, animal lice or beetles. AniForte Mite-STOP Powder for chickens is applied to the parasites' preferred routes and hiding places, thus ensuring effective long-term protection - without having to treat the animals directly.

  • Long-term protection against ectoparasites such as the red mite
  • Pests are caught on the way to and from their host animal
  • Effective application in the immediate environment of the chickens

Treat mite infestations quickly and effectively with AniForte Mite-STOP Powder for chickens

AniForte Mite-STOP Powder for chickens consists of diatomaceous earth and is particularly effective against pest infestations, which makes it just the right remedy to eliminate chicken mites and support chicken health by keeping harmful parasites away. The mixture of minerals kills chicken mites in a purely physical way. The fine powder can penetrate even the smallest crevices in the chicken coop. This is where the pests like to hide during the day. AniForte Mite-STOP Powder for chickens ensures that the small insects can no longer move and their respiratory organs and joints are getting blocked. This will dry out the mites from the inside out.

Using AniForte Mite-STOP Powder for chickens correctly

Only a complete treatment of the chicken coop will ensure that the mites are completely eliminated. For this, the chickens need to leave their coop for a short time. A respirator should be worn during use to avoid inhaling the fine dust. Wearing safety goggles and gloves is also recommended. First of all, the coop must be completely cleaned and mucked out. All laying nests, perches and the floor must be clean from droppings. Any possible hiding places for the mites, such as covers and panels, should be removed.

AniForte Mite-STOP Powder for chickens can then be spread over a large area. Pay special attention to the corners and small cracks. Once the fine dust has settled, your chickens can go back into the coop.

Amount applied: 30 - 50 g/m2: sust the parasite's hiding places and breeding hiding places or place a dust barrier of approx. 5 - 10 g/running meter around the chickens' sleeping places.

Application against the red mite in poultry farming: make perches and other hiding places for mites, such as cracks and corners, accessible and apply powder. The dust layer must be applied over a large area and be clearly visible. Renew dust coating if necessary.

Tip: if necessary, mix with water 1:6 and apply using a garden sprayer.

Non-professional use, household use. Insecticide to control red mites, vermin, hygiene pests and nuisances such as ants, silverfish, cat fleas.

Without affecting the chicken's egg or meat quality - suitable for organic farms!

Note: store cool, dry and protected from light. Shelf life 24 months after opening.

AniForte® mite STOP powder for chickens consists of 100% diatomaceous earth, a natural amorphous kieselguhr from fossil deposits of diatoms.

If the instructions for use are followed, no negative effects are known.

Active substance: 1000 g/kg silica/diatomaceous earth

Safety instructions:
Do not inhale dust. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not get into eyes, on skin, or on clothing. Avoid any unnecessary contact with the product. Misuse can lead to adverse health effects. Use biocidal products with caution. Always read the label and product information before use.

Infestation monitoring of the endangered areas for early detection of an infestation is recommended. After successful control, the dust layer can be left and thus prevents renewed infestation in the long term. In case of re-infestation, the application can be repeated.

Dispose of product residues with household waste. Send the cleaned packaging to local recycling. After application, droppings and litter mixed with AniForte Mite-STOP powder can be composted.

AniForte® Mite-STOP Powder has a shelf life of at least 2 years from the date of manufacture if stored in a dry place. Since this product is not subject to active ingredient degradation, it may be used beyond the minimum best-by date guaranteed by the manufacturer.


AniForte® Mite-STOP Powder

If you are faced with an acute mite infestation in your chicken coop, AniForte Mite-STOP Powder for chickens is the right choice to get rid of the small pests, and it forms an effective combination with AniForte Mite-STOP Spray. If you have any questions about our products or their use, please contact us at