Aniforte Mite Stop Spray - Natural Mite Repellent


Aniforte Mite Stop Spray - Natural Mite Repellent

Mite-STOP Spray is a 100% natural mite and insect repellent for dogs and cats. It provides protection without exposing your pet to any harmful toxins.

Benefits of Mite-STOP Spray:

✔ Protects against mites and insects

✔ 100% natural, preventing exposure to harmful chemical toxins

✔ Prevents skin problems caused by mites and hair lice

✔ Suitable for both young and adult pets

How does Aniforte Mite STOP Spray work?

Mites and lice can cause skin problems in both younger and older pets. A weak immune system, seasonal malting, mineral deficiency or metabolism problems are common causes for an infestation. Mite-STOP Spray contains a combination of oils that create an environment naturally repellent to mites and lice.


Water (dem.), lemon eucalyptus oil, geraniol, solubilizer

Formulation: Liquid

Active ingredient: Geraniol 30 ml/l | baua reg. no.: N-53230 | CAS no.: 106-24-1


As contact spray: Spray directly on the fur of the animals, preferably on their backs, at a distance of approx. 5 cm. Avoid the eyes and respiratory tract!

As an environment spray: Spray the immediate surroundings of the animals (laying area, resting place etc.)

As a preventive measure: Dilute 100 ml to 900 ml of water (1:10) and spray the animals' surroundings thoroughly. Every 1 to 2 weeks.

In case of acute infestation: Apply the spray undiluted directly on the surroundings and on the back of the animals themselves. Use daily.

Note: Shake before use! Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.