AniForte Mite-STOP Spray for Chickens

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AniForte Mite-STOP Spray for Chickens


AniForte® Mite-STOP Spray is used for acute infestation by external parasites or to prevent them. It provides effective support against mites and other ectoparasites.

 Spray for poultry against mites and other parasites

 Effective formula based on essential oils

 Also suitable for prevention as an environmental spray: chicken mites are effectively kept away

Prevent or contain mite infestation with AniForte® Mite-STOP Spray for chickens

Getting rid of parasites and mites can be a lengthy process. In order to eliminate all pests, use chicken mite spray both as a contact spray directly on the animals and as an environmental spray for the coop in the event of an infestation. In addition, AniForte® Mite-STOP Spray can also be used preventively to create an environment where the parasites do not want to nest.

AniForte® Mite-STOP Spray for chickens and poultry is a repellent that supports the defense against mites and parasites. Mites or lice can occur in both young and older animals and cause skin irritation and itching. A weakened immune system, seasonal moulting, mineral deficiencies or metabolic problems can increase the infestation with ectoparasites. The selected ingredients in AniForte® Mite-STOP Spray contribute to a protective shield. In addition, the product helps to curb the spread of the parasites. 



Preventive measure: dilute 100 ml spray to 900 ml water (1:9) and spray all stable items thoroughly every 1 to 2 weeks.

Shake well before use!

Note: essential oils can cause skin irritation. Store cool, dry and protected from light.


AniForte® Mite-STOP Spray as an environmental spray

Treat mites in chickens by spraying the immediate surroundings (laying place, resting place, etc.)

Not only the chickens, but also the coop or enclosure are often infested. Therefore, the chicken mite spray should also be used in the immediate vicinity of the animals. Effective protection can only be achieved if all nesting sites, perches and floors are treated. If only the infested chickens are treated, you won't catch some of the mites, which like to hide in cracks and corners within the chicken coop during the day. If there is no acute infestation yet, AniForte® Mite-STOP Spray can prevent it when used as an environmental spray.

AniForte® Mite-STOP Spray as a contact spray

The chickens can be sprayed directly with the AniForte® Mite-STOP Spray in the event of an acute infestation. This kills the mites that are currently on the animal. If there is an acute infestation, the surrounding area should always be treated with AniForte® Mite-STOP Spray

Spray directly on the feathers of the animals, preferably on the back and under the wings, at a distance of approx. 5 cm. Be sure to avoid eyes and airways!


Water (dem.), lemon eucalyptus oil, geraniol, solubilizer
Formulation: liquid
Active substance: geraniol 30 ml/l


Safety Instructions

Use biocidal products with caution. Always read the label and product information before use. Only for external use on intact skin! Keep out of reach of children! Avoid eye contact!

First aid measures:
General information: in the event of an accident or if you feel unwell, seek medical advice immediately (if possible, show the usage instructions).

After inhalation: in the event of an accident through inhalation, take the person into the fresh air and keep them calm. In case of irritation of the respiratory tract, consult a doctor.

After skin contact: wash carefully with plenty of water and soap. In case of skin irritation consult a doctor.

After eye contact: rinse carefully with water for several minutes. If symptoms occur or persist, consult an ophthalmologist.

After swallowing: rinse mouth thoroughly with water. Have the patient drink plenty of water in small sips (dilution effect). DO NOT induce vomiting. If symptoms occur or if in doubt, seek medical advice.

AniForte® Mite-STOP Spray

Our mite spray for chickens forms an effective combination with AniForte® Mite-STOP powder if a mite infestation is detected. If you have any questions about our products, please contact our team at