Aniforte MSM Powder for Dogs & Cats

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Aniforte MSM Powder for Dogs & Cats

Pure Quality - Ideal for the joints

AniForte® MSM Powder consists of 100% methylsulfonylmethane and is perfect as an addition to the daily feed. The substance belongs to the group of organic sulfur compounds (sulfones) and can be found in both plant and organic products. As a macronutrient, sulfur is an essential part of metabolism for all living things and is involved in many processes in the body.

  • Indispensable element in metabolism
  • Joint strength support
  • Has a positive effect on oxidative stress
  • Organic sulfur compound in a highly pure form

Methylsulfonylmethane is a natural substance that can supply your furry friend's body with vital sulphur. The AniForte® MSM powder consists of pure methylsulphonylmethane and is therefore also suitable for pets with feed intolerance or allergies. MSM is a component of many endogenous substances such as enzymes, hormones and amino acids. AniForte® MSM powder can have a positive effect on your pet's skin, coat, connective tissues, metabolism and joint strength.

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) has been used in several clinical studies with positive results. An improvement in functional abilities and joint mobility was observed.


100% Methylsulfonylmethane (99.94% purity)

Analytical component: 34% sulfur




Dogs per 10 kg: 1 g daily

Cat per 5 kg: 0.5 g daily

(1 measuring spoon equals approx. 2 g)

The powder can simply be mixed into the daily feed.

Note: store cool, dry and protected from light.

Switching to Aniforte
Gradually introduce over a period of 7 days. Starting with 25% Aniforte on day 1, working up to 100% on day 7.

Fresh drinking water should be provided at all times. Store in a cool dry place.