Castleraw Salmon Oil


Castleraw Salmon Oil for Dogs & Cats

Salmon Oil for is an essential supplement to your pets feed, as many commercial pet foods do not provide the “good fats” necessary for healthy skin and coat that your dog needs, which is why many dogs on a kibble diet lack the lustre & shine in their coats. 

So supplementing your dogs feed with Salmon Oil is a great way of adding important essential fatty acids to your dog’s diet. Omega 3 & Omega-6 are known as Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) and are best diet or from additional supplements.

Not only is it good for Skin & Coat but it is proven to be a fantastic all round health supplement for your pet.

What it does?

* Improves Skin & Coat condition by helping the skin produce more collagen.

* Especially Good for itchy, dry skin and dull coats giving a lustrous shine.

* Fish Oil is useful in the treatment and prevention of kidney problems 

* Supports Joint Health & Mobility, helps with painful joints

* Gives the immune system a boost to help fight off illnesses

* Helps promote better brain development in foetus' and puppies.

* Supports Brain Health in older dogs too, keeping your aging dogs brain sharp 


Ingredients 100% Flaxseed Oil

Available in 500ml Squeezy Bottle, 1L Pour Bottle or 5L Pour Bottle with Pump.

Feeding Guide

This Salmon Oil can be added to your pets daily food in the following amounts:

1-12Kg - 2-5ml

12-24Kg - 5-10ml

24-48Kg - 10-20ml

48Kg+ - 20-25ml