Catsan Wood Comfort Cat Litter

by Catsan

Catsan Wood Comfort Cat Litter

Catsan Wood Comfort Cat Litter is made from natural fine-pored wood granules that absorb liquid like a sponge, this is the perfect solution for cat parents who want a biodegradable litter without compromising on performance. 
The litter is made from wood granules so it harnesses the natural odour control of wood, is soft on paws and absorbs fast. It’s designed with the environment in mind too, being made from by-products of the wood industry (no tree falls for its production), and certified by PEFC. As the bark of trees can be exposed to environmental contaminants, only bark-free core wood is used for CATSAN™ Wood Comfort litter.
  • Absorbs odours three times more effectively than regular non-clumping litters
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Suitable for kittens too

How it works

CATSAN™ Wood Comfort litter can absorb twice its weight in liquids, while the natural phenols and tannins produced by the trees ensure excellent odour control. 

USAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Open at the easy-open-spout. Fill the litter box with 5cm of litter. Remove the solid waste every day and change the litter completely on a regular basis.