Felipure Multi Cat Cherry Blossom Scented Litter


Felipure Multi Cat Cherry Blossom Scented Litter

New Felipure Finer Cherry Blossom scented litter for Multiple Cat households, that absorbs more and lasts up to 30% longer than regular Felipure. Our super fine granules absorb waste more efficiently, tested against our regular litter, so you use up to 30% less litter!

Looking for the best clay-based litter which blocks odours up to 72 hours?

Felipure Multi-Cat contains extra strength Odour Block™, an antibacterial coating to help keep your cat's litter tray fresh and hygienic, giving you peace of mind that your multi-cat home is protected from unpleasant litter tray odours.

The pro-clumping formula has extra strength absorbency and odour control to cope with extra use throughout the day. Specially designed with a light & comforting Cherry Blossom scent and smaller grain to make protecting your home a breeze!

Felipure is fast clumping, using natural mineral granules with Odour Block™ to absorb liquid rapidly, creating solid and easy to clean clumps. The quick absorption of liquid and the virtually dust-free formula ensures Felipure is Low Tracking and gentle on delicate paws.

Available Sizes: 6kg