Itchy Skin Spray for Dogs - Grass Mite Protection

  • Against grass mites & parasites
  • Defense & prevention
  • Cares for irritated skin areas
  • Made from essential oils & geraniol

Itchy Skin Spray for Dogs - Grass Mite Protection

Itchy Skin Spray for Dogs has been developed to provide 100% natural protection against grass mites and other parasites like fleas. Grass mites are increasingly causing skin problems for both young and old dogs and their bite can cause severe itching. Often, what looks like an allergy to dog owners, is actually itching caused by grass mites. The spray repels the mites and also calms and soothes the skin.

Benefits of Itchy Skin Spray for Dogs:

 100% natural

 Soothes and cleanses skin while repelling mites

 Fast-working relief from irritation

 Suitable for sensitive dogs - gentler than chemical-based solutions or flea tablets

 Contains pure Evening Primrose and Lavender Oil

How does Itchy Skin Spray for Dogs work?

Itchy Skin Spray repels mites and parasites without exposing your dog to harmful toxins. It also contains evening primrose and lavender oils to help soothe irritated skin and reduce itching.


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