King Catnip Feasties with Tuna

  • Delicious natural cat treats with tuna
  • Made with 44% meat
  • Crunchy biscuits to support dental health

King Catnip Feasties with Tuna 

Every cat deserves to be treated! What better way to treat your fabulous feline, than with a King Catnip Feastie!

These tasty tuna feasties are incredibly high quality and of course completely natural. Made with a minimum of 44% meat and a hearty dose of Salmon Oil. They are highly digestible, delicious and packed full of protein. However no need to fear having a tubby tabby, as these titbits are low fat, low calorie and zero sugar!

If that wasn’t enough these crunchy biscuits will help support your cats dental health. To really get your feline feeling feisty these treats also have a little something special. They contain organic North American catnip! This is the finest catnip in all the land, and is sure to please your puss.

So what are you waiting for, give your feline a treat that is truly fit for royalty!