Natures Menu Wet Cat Food Multipack

  • 70% whole cuts of meat and offal.
  • Complete and nutritionally balanced.
  • No added gluten or sugar.
  • Made with natural, easy to understand ingredients
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Natures Menu Wet Cat Food Multipack

Our multipack includes chicken with turkey, beef and chicken and chicken with salmon and tuna. Each can gives your cat everything they need to thrive and each recipe is gently cooked to ensure all the Natures Menu goodness is locked in. Using simple, no fuss, natural ingredients give your cat everything they need, plus peace of mind that you’re doing the right thing for them.

Each can is packed with high quality, simple, natural ingredients. Free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives, with no added sugar or grain. Not only does it do good for your cat but it tastes great too. We know some cat foods can be confusing, which is why at Natures Menu we make things simple, giving your cat a nutritionally balanced meal they'll love and ingredients you can understand. Our multipack cat food means you can mix things up a bit.