Tribal Baked Rewards for Dogs with Beef & Tomato

by Tribal

Tribal Baked Rewards for Dogs with Beef & Tomato

Our healthy, baked beef liver & tomato dog treats are rich in flavour with an antioxidant boost.

Our Rewards are packed with superfood ingredients that have real health benefits. From coconut oil for it’s all round health boosting properties, to lavender flowers for its calming effects, and mint and ginger for digestion.

They’re gently batch baked by hand in carbon neutral wood fired ovens, whoever said that delicious treats had to be naughty?

As long as dogs have plenty of meat in their diets, they don’t always need meat in their treats!

We have a full range of flavours to keep your dog excited to do the right thing to earn that special treat.

Our treats come in bags of 125g.